Meet Marc and Colin

Marc has been working in the Internet Marketing field for over two years. Under the supervision of Tom Antion, Marc has taken his video editing expertise to the next level, optimizing videos for Internet Marketing along with every other aspect of Internet Marketing. Along with surfing and being recently married, Marc – along with fellow partner Colin –  is focusing all of his efforts on (Top Internet Consulting), a site devoted to provided step-by-step instruction on how to market your business on the Internet.

Colin has been a successful Internet marketer for over three years under the guidance of Tom Antion. He has been helping and mentoring hundreds of authors, coaches, trainers, public speakers and small business people from all over the world in building a web presence for themselves to increase visibility and make more money. Colin specializes in using free resources and social media  to build databases and sell books and products. He has over 150 social profiles, sales letters, article sites and websites that promote his products and services. In his off time, Colin enjoys rock collecting, dancing and cooking. Contact him with any questions or comments!

Colin and Marc also offer one-on-one consulting. We can walk you through each step required to market your services and products online.

And if that wasn’t enough, they both own and run Netaim©. Netaim is a membership site that offers members over 700 pages of content, over 160 hours of audio training, along with scores of Camtasia training videos and an array of articles. With all of this content aggregated in one place, this makes Netaim the world’s largest Internet marketing directory.

If you would like to take advantage of our services, please email us and we will be glad to give you more information.

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