Sales Funnel Simplified Webinar

Sales Funnel Simplified


Five Dollar Footlong… ahem… webinar presents:

“Sales Funnel Simplified “

(YES! The replay will be available the next day)

Thursday, February 7th at 7:00 pm EST


Have you ever felt like there’s just so much to do with an

online business?


Are you ever unsure of the next step you should be taking

with your business?


Do you ever find yourself jumping from one thing to the next?

One week it’s building traffic, the next it’s video marketing,

and so on and so on?


You’re not alone. One of the most common problems I hear

clients talk about is jumping from one thing to the next

when it comes to their website and online businesses.


And after asking the right questions, it usually boils down

to them not fully understanding the sales process.

Such as:


• “What should my website be doing?”


• “Email list, huh?”


• “What should I do first?”


• “What should I do last?”


• “I need social networking STAT…….. right?”


and my favorite:


• “I was told by _______ I needed ______.”


You’ll gain a clear perspective on what to do next

for your business.


In less than 60 minutes, I’ll show you how to stop

jumping all over the place.


Then join me for a LIVE Q & A! No question will be

left unanswered.


I must be crazy and you would be crazy to miss it!


Thursday, February 7th at 7:00 pm EST


See you this Thursday!  -  Marc



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