Easy Video Player Adds New Features

Easy Video Player just released a new version with more features. If you aren’t familiar with Easy Video Player, you should be. Easy Video Player uploads your videos to your Amazon S3 account (sold separately). It gives you many options such as choosing what the player will look like, view tracking, split testing, elements, lightboxes, and a whole lot more. More information on Easy Video Players features Here. With the new release comes 4 major advancements in what you can do with their player.

  • Attach a player to videos via URL - You can now paste any video’s URL into EVP’s player. The player will add whatever code settings you choose and then you can put that video anywhere you want.
  • Password Protection – You can choose if videos are password protected or not. You could use this for a video product. If you were concerned with people sharing the link to your videos, make it password protected. You also get to choose how long the password will last. For example, the person watching it would have to enter in the new password after 24 hours.
  • Sharing on Rollover – I’ll be honest, this feature isn’t as great as the others, but it’s still pretty cool. Now, when somebody rolls over your video, a share button will come up. You click on that and the video is shared wherever you choose.
  • Multiple Users – EVP now allows multiple users with different access privileges. You can now choose to give somebody admin rights, or to simply be able to view the videos stats, and 2 other options in between.

Easy Video Player is a great tool for managing all of your videos.

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