Web Video – Are people really paying attention?

Video marketing is quickly becoming the most powerful tool to market your products and services online. But when it comes to web videos, are people paying attention? Let’s look at some stats:

• In the US, video consumers are watching about 4.3 hours worth of video per month. Considering how short many web videos are, that’s a lot of different videos people are watching
• Video email messages generate 2-3 times higher click-thru rates than static, text based emails.
• 144 million viewers watched 14.6 billion videos on Youtube per month. That averages out to 101.2 videos per user.
• Video ads account for 12.4% of all videos viewed online.

Videos are no different when it comes to tracking the analytics of views, click thrus, etc. It helps to be able to track what videos work and what videos need to be tweaked. Why? Because:

• 20% of online video viewers click away in the first 10 seconds or less
• By 30 seconds into a video, up to 33% of viewers have moved on to something else. At the 1 minute mark, 44% of viewers have moved on, and almost 60% have left by the 2 minute mark

Don’t let these stats scare you, let them help you to make a video that will get you the most business. First off, you now know how important the first 10 seconds are, if you use those first 10 seconds to engage the viewer, you might hang on to them long enough to get them to click out to your targeted site.
So how do we track our videos? Well, there’s a couple of different ways.

1. For all Youtube videos, the site offers you ‘Insight’. This shows the views, how long they viewed your video, location, and much more. Insight is free so be sure to take a look at it.
2. If your video is on a non-sharing site, such as your home page, be sure to set up Google analytics on that page. Google Analytics is fantastic. I will admit, I’m addicted to it. I check it every day. Google Analytics is free. Once you set it up, it will show you a ton if information. You can view unique views, bounce rates, where the person clicked out to, where the viewer came from, and a whole lot more. Using Google Analytics, I can determine what works and what doesn’t. I continually make changes based on what my Analytics tell me. If you don’t have an account set up, I highly suggest you get one soon.
3. Easy Video Player – Easy Video Player(EVP) is for people that use Amazon S3 to host their files. EVP acts as a middleman between you and Amazon S3. It provides your video with buttons on your video player such as play, pause, rewind, embed, download, share, and much more. Be sure to check out all of the options Easy Video Player provide. One very nice option EVP gives you is called ‘split testing’. This way you can create two different videos that EVP will alternate through when people visit the page. EVP provides you with stats on how many people viewed the whole thing, how many clicked away, and a whole lot more. Using the stats EVP gives you, you can decide what version of your video converts the best.

So are people paying attention to video? Yes. How much? Each case is a little different. And that’s where using Insight, Google Analytics, and stat providing video software, can really come in handy.

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